PUR Binding

PUR binding has a number of benefits over conventional hot melt glues. PUR allows greater flexibility and strength of binding, which is unaffected by extremes of temperature, hot or cold. Typically used for publications which need to be extremely durable such as directories, catalogues, manuals and prospectuses that are heavily used or need a long shelf life. PUR binding is a suitable softback binding for books with high gloss and heavy weight papers, as PUR allows heavy bleed of colour into the spine and no notching is required.

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding,  applies an adhesive to the spine of gathered pages which, when dry, keeps them securely bound. Commonly, a soft paper or paperboard cover is attached over the binding adhesive. Perfect bound publications have rectangular backbones. Publications bound by perfect binding include paperback books, catalogues, and magazines.


Folding on our MBOs we can fold your printed sheets up to a maximum of B1 size. We offer folding as a stand-alone service, or as part of our full book binding service


Cutting on our versatile Polar 115